At Altitude Lawnscape, we provide reliable lawn mowing services to keep your lawn looking great during the season.

Our lawn mowing service includes:

  • Front, side and backyard mowing
  • Edging of curbs and sidewalks
  • Trimming around beds, fences and trees
  • Blowing of sidewalks and driveways

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Irrigation Management

Water is our planet’s most precious resource and it’s up to homeowners to use it wisely. Water conservation is necessary in the Denver metropolitan region due to our dry and arid climate. For several years now, our installations have focused on water saving methods that promote the wise use of water.

This division also offers:

  • Irrigation maintenance
  • Irrigation audits
  • Full system installs
  • Spring tune up
  • Fall winterization
  • Water efficient solutions


Aerating is the process of mechanically removing cores of soil to relieve compacted soil by improving the dispersion of water and nutrients between the surface and the grass roots.

For optimal effectiveness, we recommend aeration be done both spring and fall. Since the cost for aeration is often recovered in just a month or two from the amount of water saved, many customers are now opting for a mid-summer aeration as well.

Power raking

Power raking removes the layer of thatch that prevents water and oxygen from getting to your lawn’s roots where it is most important. Thatch builds up in time and will eventually get so bad that it prevents most of your water and fertilizer from getting directly to the soil. Snow pack is notorious for causing the greatest amount of thatch as well as mold. The earlier in the spring you power rake, the more effective it’ll be, so be sure to call early!

When we power rake we use specific power rake equipment designed to remove the thatch at the base of your lawn while causing the least amount of stress possible. We do not use attachments that can rip and tear at the lawn.

We have a two step process to provide a quality, thorough job that will be most beneficial for your lawn. First we move the power rake around your lawn to loosen the dead thatch. Second, we hand rake the lawn and put thatch in bags for disposal, leaving a rejuvenated lawn ready for summer.

Fertilizer and Weed Control

Standard Fertilizer for Turfgrass: Your lawn requires a balanced fertilizer program with nitrogen, phosphorous, and potassium to keep it healthy and strong. These combinations of nutrients are often found on the fertilizer packaging (i.e. 9-9-9)  All soils have of these elements present, but usually they become depleted over the years with moisture and general wear and tear to the lawn.  Your lawn is a very hungry plant during the growing season. Proper fertilizing with balanced applications throughout the growing season promotes thick, dense grass that can resist disease and weed invasions. Applying too much of any one of the basic elements can cause poor results.

  • 1x per month recommended
  • Golf course grade fertilizer applied

Weed Spray for Turfgrass: Broadleaf weeds are generally the easiest to identify of all the weeds. They have leaves that are broad, and are generally produced in pairs or multiples, have wide, flat leaves situated on a stem. For best control of broadleaf weeds, spot treatment is preferred for optimal results.

  • Requires regular application approximately 1 time per month for standard weed control
  • More frequent applications needed to control widespread weed infestation
  • Water area thoroughly before allowing kids or pets in the area
  • Refrain from watering for approximately 12 to 24 hours for best results

Revive: This is a natural organic soil treatment composed of wetting agents, soil conditioners and essential nutrients.

  • Contains a wetting agent that improves water penetration into hard-to-wet soils.
  • Lowers the surface and interfacial tensions of the soil/water relationship and allows the water to spread out and penetrate into the soil
  • Improves plant root-zone moisture and improves soil drainage, not by changing the characteristics of the soil, but by changing the behavior of water.
  • Acts as a sequestering agent in the soil, allowing essential nutrients (nitrogen, iron etc.) to attach to the root system of a plant.
  • Recommended use each time fertilizer is applied
  • Breaks up or loosens hard soils by increasing water penetration and root activity
  • Early spring applications help get turf growing again and turn dark green

Weed Spray: For complete weed obliteration. Not for grass or flowerbeds because it kills anything that is a plant

  • Sometimes requires multiple applications for tougher weeds
  • Water area thoroughly before allowing kids or pets in the area


Our lawn mowing service includes:

  • Front, side and backyard mowing
  • Edging of curbs and sidewalks
  • Trimming around beds, fences and trees
  • Blowing of sidewalks and driveways

Pond Services

  • Water clarity
  • Algae control (with or without fish and/or plant material)